What is the Herbal Subscription Box?

Heads up: If you’re looking for all the nitty-gritty details of the subscription, click here. This blog is a bit of insight into what this subscription is at it’s heart… ———— When I began my journey into discovering herbs, I knew immediately that I wanted to share all the plant magic I could with others. …

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How to Begin Saving Seeds from your Home Garden

You’ve put in all the hard work to grow these plants: you’ve cuddled and coddled them, watered and fed them, and you’ve reaped the big rewards- fresh harvests all summer long!  But…what comes next?   When I began gardening 6 years ago, I used to think the bountiful harvests were what gardening was all about. …

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Easy DIY Elderberry Gummies

Yummy cold-busting gummies! Made with healthy, all-natural herbal ingredients! We are always interested in ways to stay healthy naturally at our house, and being a mom and teacher, I need ways to beat a cold or flu fast, so I always keep my homemade elderberry syrup on hand. We add it to smoothies, drizzle over …

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