Your Guide to Food Preservation

I love preserving food! It’s so nice to know that you have meals ready to go in your pantry and freezer. And when I’ve spent so much time saving seeds, and growing my own food, I can’t stand for any of it to go to waste!  Plus that self-sufficient feeling of having what we need, …

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Fermentation Station at our house

Right now, Sourdough is getting all the love. I mean, I get it- bread is DELICIOUS. And that nice, crusty loaf is perfectly instagram-able. But what about those other lovely fermented foods out there? Kraut, kimchi, kombucha….. Those can be lovely too! and I’m here to argue that they, too, can be instagram-able. And accessible …

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Easy DIY Elderberry Gummies

Yummy cold-busting gummies! Made with healthy, all-natural herbal ingredients! We are always interested in ways to stay healthy naturally at our house, and being a mom and teacher, I need ways to beat a cold or flu fast, so I always keep my homemade elderberry syrup on hand. We add it to smoothies, drizzle over …

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